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"I believe every parent deserves peace of mind when they drop their student off at school. I believe every student deserves an education that prepares them for a high-value career. And I believe every financial decision should have student success in mind. Together, we can educate a generation of lifelong learns and lifelong earners."

Student Safety & Security

Proactive planning saves lives. The No. 1 priority of any school district is the safety & security of its students. Parents need to feel confident in their child’s safety every time they drop their student off at school. I would support a policy that helps coordinate our teachers, administrator and first responders during a crisis event. Training and preparation are key when responding to a crisis event. We have a duty to explore all options that enhance campus security and keep our students safe. Additionally, I would initiate a safe and timely parent-student reunification process after a crisis. Safety and security of our students includes their social and emotional well-being. 

"As long as our students are focused on their safety instead of their studies, they will never reach their full potential."

Financial Stewardship

Responsible budgeting focuses on student success. Every dollar we spend should advance our mission to provide an excellent education for each student. We must remain focused on what we can control while keeping the public informed on key issues facing our district. Commitment to transparency is the key to building trust in our community. I will fight for the efficient use of financial resources and support policies that increase accountability. Policies such as forecasting our long-term capital needs and minimizing taxpayer dollars paid on debt interest. 

" Every dollar we spend should advance our mission to provide an excellent education for each student."

Career Pathways

Schools create pathways to high-value careers. We produce community leaders and academic achievers that universities and employers pursue. I want to preserve and enhance what we’ve built so more students can reach their full potential. Early childhood literacy & soft skills are essential to student success. Incorporating technology and specific task training programs applicable to workforce demands can provide a competitive edge our students need. We must prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and earning. 

"My goal is to have 100% of our students career ready, college ready, or military ready by the time they graduate."



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